Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee took place the weekend before last, which I'm sure most people are aware of (unless living under a large rock). I think a lot of Americans like myself have a fascination with royalty, though some of the system seems unfair and outdated. Even though we've been steeped in glory of the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence, and "liberty and justice for all," I can't help but be curious and excited about it all, and I unabashedly love Kate Middleton (or should I say, Catherine) and everything she does. As for the Brits, I think people were more excited about the four-day weekend than the Jubilee itself; a time to barbecue and relax. In the pouring rain, of course :)

Our village put on a little street fair, with free burgers and hotdogs donated from a local farm. Tables were placed under tents, and people brought beverages, sides, and desserts to share family-style. My husband and I made a pitcher of Pimms and Lemonade, and the apple crumble I made was polished off by our neighbors within an hour or so.
We don't know many people here--village life revolves around the little elementary school, and we don't have kids. Everyone made us feel welcome, but we were content to mostly people-watch! Lots of raincoats and rain boots.

Toasting the Queen!

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