Monday, June 4, 2012

Tea for Two

The stereotype is true–the British love their tea. This suits me quite well, as I’ve never been able to adjust to the taste of coffee. Even the milk-and-sugar-laden confections of Starbucks strike me as bitter and unappetizing. Same for coffee ice cream. Tea has always been my preference. But when I was first dating my husband, even I was taken aback by how much tea he consumed. Morning, afternoon, night; every time there was a lull, he’d be offering to make us another round of teas. Milk, no sugar. We typically have a black caffeinated tea in the morning/afternoon, then switch to herbal (Mint for me, Ginger/Lemon for him) in the evening so we’re not bouncing off the walls at night.

We usually drink Tetleys, but for the last couple of weeks we’ve been underwhelmed, restless. In hopes of finding something more appetizing, we decided to be really dorky and do a taste test of some different types of tea. Twinings had a nice selection of five different types, which we paired against the “control” of our regular morning Tetleys.

We tried each flavor plain, then with a dollop of milk:

With some chocolate biscuits (cookies–more on this later) and pie, because why not?

We even took notes so we could keep track of which one was which.

Typically, the darker, stronger teas are drank in the morning, when people need a jump-start to get going; sometimes they will then switch to a lighter tea in the afternoon. Chris liked the stronger, dark Assam as a morning tea, and the fragrant Earl Grey for the afternoon. I preferred either the Earl Grey or Ceylon, a milder dark tea, for the morning, with the light, citrusy Lady Grey for the afternoon.  Looks like the regular Tetley’s English Breakfast will be phased out–it was definitely the most lackluster of the selection.

Do any of you drink tea? Which kind is your favorite?

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