Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christmas in July

This article, describing a tourism official's anger at weather forecasters, made me laugh. He believes they are "obsessed" and emphasize the periods of bad weather, making their forecasts inaccurate, misleading, and damaging to tourism.

I could see his point, except that the forecasters don't have anything to exaggerate--it's indisputably been a cold, wet, miserable summer. It's the middle of July and I'm still wearing sweaters and long pants. At this point it's almost hard to sympathize with people in the States with their drought and heatwaves, because I've forgotten what it's like to sweat from the heat. As in, to perspire because of the outside temperature. I used to wear shorts and t-shirts--I used to expose my knees and elbows! I used to get summer freckles and have a perma-flip-flop tan! Those were the days....

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